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The world of judgment recovery at your fingertips!
Puts the world of judgment recovery at your fingertips!
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Now available to the public!


National Judgment Network's powerful Case Management Database is now available to the public without membership! For years this software has been available only to National Judgment Network members. It is now being made available to law offices, collection agencies, and professionals involved in the business of judgment recovery without the requirement to become a National Judgment Network member.

This is the most comprehensive case management system to be found anywhere, at any price! Just look at these features:

  • Holds an unlimited number of records!
  • Automatically calculates post-judgment interest!
  • Produces all commonly needed documents!
  • Tracks assets, expenses, and partial payments!
  • Correctly calculates judgment values even after a partial payment!
  • Tracks actions taken and alerts you when an action is required!
  • Stores your records online for safety!
  • Secured by password protected access!
  • Automatically backs up your data to a remote server on a nightly basis!
  • Is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world!
  • Stores and links important documents to your records!
  • Produces customizable reports!
  • and, more...

The NJN case management database, available to members for years, was designed to specifically address the needs of today's judgment enforcement professional.

Judgment Recovery cloud computing

The importance of online storage of your important records can't be overemphasized! Not only does it provide safety and allow you to access your records from anywhere, but allows us to constantly update post-judgment interest rates and changes to calculation methods incorporated by the different states. No desktop software package can correctly calculate post-judgment interest for all states because many interest rates are tied to financial indexes that constantly change. The post-judgment interest rate for Federal judgments, as an example, changes on a weekly basis. With the NJN case management database, your post-judgment interest calculations will always be correct!

Judgment recovery documents

The database contains many of the commonly required documents associated with judgment enforcement and allows you to customize them as you wish. You can also create and upload your own documents using any word processor program. When a document is needed, the program will merge all important details and allow you to produce the finished document on your printer.

It will also allow you to store images of faxes and other related documents online and link them to the appropriate record. All records and documents are stored in your own password protected directory that can be accessed by no one other than yourself. Security and convenience is what it's all about!

judgment recovery online

Have you been correctly computing values such as post-judgment interest and payoff value after a partial payment has been received? Do you realize the law requires that the amount of any partial payment be first deducted from accumulated interest and the remainder applied to principle? The NJN case management database will automatically complete these complex calculations for you so you will always have an instant snapshot of each and every case.

Each record contains over 390 fields where information may be recorded and because the program runs online -- it is platform independent! It will run on any operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is nothing to download or install!


Many case management systems with nowhere near the features of this powerful package will cost you up to $500.00. The NJN client management database is yours for only $69.00 per year to cover the cost of online storage and system upgrades - even less for multiple years. That's right! Just $69.00 gives you full, immediate access and you will be able to renew on annual basis! Never again worry about security, safety, or accuracy. Just $69.00 (or less) per year gives you access to the most comprehensive judgment case management system available anywhere! Click the "Demo" link a the top of the page to check it out!

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